Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems

From a single door contact to a multi-zone system spanning several locations, we will design a system around your requirements and exceed your expectations.

The constant threat of intruders which can lead to criminal damage and/or theft is an ever-increasing risk to organisations throughout the UK.

Our commercial intruder alarm systems are specifically designed and installed to the highest standards to provide protection for both high and low risk organisations including offices, storage units, warehouses, shops, cash rooms and schools.

From a single door contact to a comprehensive multi-zone system, we will design a system around your requirements combining proven techniques with leading edge technology, fully compliant to the latest British and European standards.

By using our remotely monitored intruder alarm systems you will benefit from one of the most advanced and highly developed monitoring centres in the country, complying with all current British and European Standards and Police force policies, giving you a completely dependable and feature-rich intruder alarm system.

Intruder Alarm Panels

Ensuring that your organisation is protected to the best standard has never been more important. With one burglary occurring every minute in Britain alone, it’s time to start thinking smart about your commercial intruder alarm protection.

Intruder control panels are at the heart of any burglar alarm system and are selected based on the risk posed to your organisation. We source all of our intruder control panels from reputable, trusted suppliers with whom we have worked closely over a number of years.

There are hundreds of intruder control panels that are available on today’s market but the type of panel you require can depend on a number of factors. These include the size of your organisation, the location, and even the nature of your operations.

All of our intruder control panels comply with the current intruder alarm standards and are intelligent in nature. They offer a futureproof scalable solution, allowing you to control and secure up to hundreds of zones, whilst having the option for wired and wireless intrusion detectors to work alongside the panel, meaning it can easily be integrated and installed within your organisation.

With an intruder alarm system designed and installed by JMK Security, you can be confident that your organisation is protected and will quickly detect an intruder.

Intruder Detection Systems

Our intruder detection devices differ considerably and depend on your needs, the size of your organisation, and the areas you want to cover. We will always design intruder detection systems to your bespoke needs.

So what are the different types of intruder detection systems?

Dual Technology – These are perfect for the protection of rooms and offices, school corridors, warehouse areas, retail environments, or almost any environment you can think of. They come with anti-masking detection built-in (applicable on grade 3 systems), meaning that the area in front of the sensor is continuously monitored. Anti-masking can occur when an intruder attempts to block the sensor by vandalising it or placing items in front of the unit to attempt to override the system and go unnoticed. Any form of obstruction placed in front of the unit will activate the anti-masking process and inform you or the monitoring station.

Door Contacts – Magnetic contact detection devices are used widely in alarm systems, sensing whether a door is open or closed at any particular time. The contacts communicate to the alarm system and inform the end-user when setting the system if the door is open or closed.

Vibration Sensors – Vibration Sensors are designed to protect high-value and high-risk assets in financial, retail, and other organisations. The vibration sensors can be installed onto new or existing security systems and offer a higher level of protection and false alarm immunity than traditional shock sensors, which often lack the ability to discriminate between vibration and real attacks.

Acoustic Glass Break Detector – This type of detector listens out for the sound of breaking glass whilst measuring the amplitude of the sound. It will measure the duration of the signal and acts as a first-line defence to your premises. The detector will then communicate to the intruder control panel and send a signal to trigger the alarm. Unlike other glass break detectors, our detectors offer four sensitivity settings, meaning we can match the sensitivity levels to the acoustics of the room being protected, ultimately leading to fewer false alarms.

Panic Buttons – Our current panic buttons meet the new standards for requesting Police attendance in an emergency situation. Panic buttons are key to those who operate in retail, banking, or any environment that deals with the public face-to-face. Should a threat occur, a member of staff can press the panic button without alerting the intruder. The alarm is then sent silently to the monitoring station and the Police will be notified.


  • Modular expandability and wide range of wiring choices reduce installation time and minimise disturbance on site
  • Flexible and adaptable for future changes
  • Maintenance programme to suit all budgets
  • Common hardware and cabling structure make initial installation and future expansion easy to achieve
  • Remote engineering and reporting capability


  • Deterrent against vandalism
  • Reduction in insurance costs
  • By alarming key areas in the business, you can prevent staff theft
  • Remotely monitored systems can reduce insurance costs and enhance effectiveness
  • Guaranteed response within 4 hours